Freddy VS Jason and nightmares

I watched Freddy vs Jason for the first time since it came out again really recently. It was pretty good I mean for a slasher movie and its probably pretty high up on both of the boards as one of the best movies to be in the Friday the 13th series and probably one of the best in the Nightmare on Elm Street series as well. From the beginning though I was rooting for Freddy pretty much. I mean Jasons cool and all but Freddy fucks with peoples heads cause hes inescapable ya know. you cant stay awake for ever.

Anyway I watched this movie while munching out on shitty microwave dinners and drinking litres of pepsi, and pretty much stuffing my gullet makes me really sleepy and so I fell asleep near the end, And I had this fucked up nightmare where I was on the main street of the town I live in and at one end of the road was Freddy and at the other end of the road was Jason. So naturally I fucking book it to try and hide and somehow I end up trapping myself behind some shed thing and I got Jason trying to get at me from one end and Freddy trying to get at me from the other like their competeing over who gets to kill me! I woke up there and maybe its just me but after the inital WTF feeling from waking up from a nightmare Im pretty much always like "AWESOME". I just thought that dream was pretty kick ass.

Hey did you guys know that Johnny Depps first ever movie was Nightmare on Elm Street? He gets killed and its pretty brutal. He plays the main chicks boyfriend. Maybe its just me but I think movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street are much better with three or four beer in you, eh? I should get a little poll going who s better Freddy or Jason. leave who you think is better in a comment below. Its all fucking brutal anyways right.  Well Im outta shit to say right now so peace out people!

Uploaded 02/26/2009
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