Free Vicodin for All!

Today I had a couple prescriptions filled. Nothing good like the ones that warn you not to mix with alcohol or to operate heavy machinery while using. What a gyp!

In line before me was a 30-something, white, jackass-looking dude. I heard him complain to the pharmacist, "My doctor said the insurance would cover this."

Inaudible pharmacist reply.

The guy reluctantly got out of line mumbling, "Typical...doctors are all hacks...fucking quacks... that's what's wrong with the American medical system...wasting my fucking time..."

As I conducted my transaction, dude got on his cell, presumably to his ol' lady, "Yeah... at Wallgreen's wasting my FUCKING time...because they don't accept medical coupons, now I gotta' go to fucking QFC...yeah...fucking American medical system..."

Let me explain why this pissed me off so. A year or so ago my wages were cut 20%. The incentive bonuses I ued to receive were stopped. My gross income for 2009 was over 10,000bucks less than it was a couple years back. My monthly insurance rates have increased and my benefits have gone down but I accept that because the country is in a world of financial hurt and we all have to tighten our belts so.... to whiney, freeloading Mr. I'm-entitled-to-free-shit asshole, piece of shit motherfucker in Wallgreen's Pharmacy:

Fuck you sincerely! Fuck you alot!! I mean a LOT!! Fuck you in many positions with chair legs, pool cues, and lobster tails because maybe you should get rid of your fucking cell phone and your cable (I'm guessing he has cable because the dumb piece of shit could not possibly read books for entertainmet) and then you might have the money to pay for your oxycontin or Vicodin and not have to 'waste your time' driving the 5 blocks to QFC so my tax dollars can supply you with your white trash meds.

Go damn it. I have always been pretty liberal but when I see ungreatful, lazy pieces of dingleberry shit like this bitching while I work my ass off to break even, I think, "Fuck 'em all... let 'em starve and die. God... I need a Vicodin.


Uploaded 06/04/2010
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