Freedom 18.9

 I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to Alberta. Here, a whole new world awaits. A world filled with financial promise unlike anything you have ever seen. I know what your thinking, you've heard about those magical oil patch jobs but women don't have the same opportunity. That may be true, but what women have available to them are two even more lucrative sources of income, these cash cows are most commonly referred to as alimony and child support.
     Child support is the fastest and easiest, however there are a couple things to keep in mind when taking this route. First of all, don't just jump into the backseat of the first jacked up truck that rolls into town, it might not be his truck. Often times the only rig pig on the crew that doesn't have an impaired is the newest guy there. You don't want the new guy, he's not making the big money yet. Also, do your homework on the guy, at the very least get your eyes on a valid ID. Nothing ruins the excitement of a positive pregnancy test quite like finding out that you won't be cashing in because "motorman" wasn't his real name.

     Alimony is another effective and commonly used technique to rustle up some cash. It might sound a bit extreme, it might sound like too much commitment but it's really not. The trick here is to move in with the guy late in the fall. Winter is the busiest time in the Alberta oil patch so if you get the right guy you won't actually see him very often. Once again, do your homework. What your looking for here is a guy that works out of town. You want him to work 6 days a week so when he comes home on his day off he will be wore out to the point that he just wants to sleep all day, this is perfect because then you don't have to deal with him at all. If you schedule correctly your time served for common law status should end in late February. You get the big Christmas and Valentines day jewelry payouts. Then as his loving, now common law wife you will still be around for tax season. Get his T4 and file his taxes. Make sure that you get listed as a dependant to get him a bigger return (doing this also takes away some of his defense during the divorce proceedings) Then use the money from his tax return to retain the meanest baddest divorce lawyer his money can buy.

     So now you're wondering "What if I do both?" Well that's called freedom 18.9. The 18.9 represents the time it takes. 18 years and 9 months from the time you land in Alberta until you are no longer responsible for the child. Freedom? That means retirement, and that's exactly the position you will be in if you carefully manage the child support and alimony payments.

Travel Alberta - Freedom to retire. Spirit to conspire.
Uploaded 08/03/2011
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