Freedom Cancer?

Some of you know me well by now. You know who I am, what I do, and what I stand for. I'll skip the introduction this time. If you're new here and don't know me yet, just ask around a bit.


I'm having one of my deeper and more perplexing moments right now, so indulge me as I wax philosophical. It seems to me that freedom - beloved freedom, the prize I so proudly wager my life against - is in fact a cancerous thing when delivered wholly unrestrained. You know what they say about "too much of a good thing."


Look at my beloved homeland, America, she for whom I fight and to whom I devote my life. We are without a doubt the free-est (is that a word?) of all the nations in the world. Yet have we taken it too far? Compare your average American to many citizens of foreign nations, in the light of their character and moral fiber. "Primitive" third world countries notwithstanding, we easily fall in the shallow end of the morality pool. In comparison to the rest of the world, Americans are morally bankrupt. We're less intelligent, more arrogant, and infinitely lazier by and large than any other nation.


And why is this? The answer is simple: Because we can. But is such freedom truly a good thing? Freedom that breeds lethargy, and subsequently corrodes the quality of all else around us? The absurd - and that is indeed the most appropriate word for it - level of "political correctness" supported in this country is in fact a product of the lazy and inept abusing the system's determination to protect their freedom as a means to defend their right to be lazy and inept.


As an example for how freedom degrades morality, I submit to you: Women. Now, I certainly agree with equality and freedom amongst all genders, ethnicities, and religions, so please don’t drag this off down the sexism track. I chose this example because it’s a sharp contrast that is easily identified by even the most unintellectual lump of flesh out there. The fact that men suffer from EXACT same moral degradation is irrelevant, because their own freedom is universal across the globe and thus no contrast exists with which I can make this point. SO, that being said:


Love. Marriage. Sex. In America these things are treated like garbage. Spouses cheat on one another at a rate that can only be described as alarming. Divorce follows suit. Any reasonable person can easily see that marital vows are meant to be sacred and infallible, yet in America marriage is nothing more than a scrap of paper granting you a tax break.


Yet in other countries marriage is treated as it should be, and cheating (at least on the women’s side) is FAR less frequent than it is here. Why? Because there it’s punished. There, women don’t have the FREEDOM to cheat, spouses don’t have the FREEDOM to be easily divorced. Foreign girls are loyal, respectful, and all the things a good wife should be, because they’re raised that way. American girls are the antithesis of all that, because they are raised to be free and independent.


"Free and independent" sounds good and all, but spouses are SUPPOSED to depend on one another. If you try to marry and yet be independent of your spouse, your marriage will suffer for it, you can rest assured. That’s just the way marriage works, that’s what marriage IS. Co-dependence. A partnership in all aspects of life.


I’ll reiterate here that I only put the spotlight on females because the contrast is there to make comparison easy. Men are far worse off, because we’ve been free to cheat across the globe throughout all our history. Women, by virtue of their own LACK of freedom, are generally considered to be morally superior and often intellectually superior (I daresay the two are intrinsically linked to one another). Equality is great, but I say that at least in this aspect, it’s the MEN who ought to be brought to the WOMEN’S level of freedom, not the other way around. That statement doesn’t apply universally of course, but at least insofar as relationships, it rings resoundingly true.


I’ll get off the marriage and fidelity thing now, that was only intended to be one example and I kind of ran away with it. You get the point. Our moral character as human beings is suffering in this country, and I daresay the cause is the very same freedom which we hold so dear. Of course, I haven’t given this enough thought yet to present a solution, but it’s still some good food for thought. So… what are your thoughts?

Uploaded 07/21/2008
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