Freedom oh what Freedom..........

There are several things about getting old that really does suck. It is always a guessing game at what joint is going to crack the loudest when you get up not to mention the strange noises you make when you get out of the chair. Another good game is the whole memory thing, you can remember alot of things just not when you want to. When you find a real good deal at the grocery it can make your whole week. I have also started doing this thing where I turn down the radio, what am I doing? Here is the thing that got me thinking about getting old. I was in Virginia this past week and on two different occasions I had dinner and was back at the cabin by 6 o'clock. I am just a couple of hours away from the early bird congregation!!!!!!!!!(please for the love of God shoot me now)  My wife and I were laughing about that for hours until we realized it wasn't funny.


I remember when I was in my early 20's (there is that memory I was talking about) I was always hesitant to speak up for fear of my age and worrying about sounding stupid.  Now that I am 50 I speak up when I want and even when I shouldn't and to me that is freedom. The other day I am in line at the grocery when this young girl in front of me gets a call on her cell and she starts talking while the rest of us had to wait on her. When I was younger I let that go by NOT NOW NEVER!!! This girl was not getting an important call it was plans for the evening, well I let her have it and then her boyfriend got involved it was so funny but that is freedom. I know alot of you would say something even at your age but it was just one example because if you piss me off IT IS ON. ha ha


Before any of you put any of your smart ass answers KNOW THIS....there is a good possibility I could remember who you are and fire back.


Anyway thanks for reading.   Bohank

Uploaded 08/31/2008
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