fuck divorce

im so sick of my current situation. my parents got a i live in the basement of some dirty house 45 minutes away from everyone i know. im 19 years old. i have my own car...a decent job for a lack of education...and im stuck sharing rent with my mom...most people could consider that an accomplishment---out on your own, payin bills, doin the responsible thing. but its alot different when you tell people that your roommate also happens to be your mother. im doing pretty well for myself...but if you figure my 50 year old mother into the equation, its worse than if i was just living at home. not only do i live with my mother but i have to help her with bills. i went from living in an upper middle class neighborhood with the nice deck and 3 car garage to an old house that gets ants in the summer. i wish i could go to back before this divorce shit even happened and plan my life accordingly. i want my old life back. i dont want to have to support my mother. i want to see my friends. i dont want to live in a dark little basement. my entire life feels so cluttered and dirty. i feel like im carrying around my mothers baggage.

Uploaded 06/22/2008
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