Fuck no shes way to busted

I went to meet my boy at UMass. UMass kids know how to fucking party, which was perfect, because I party hard, you can ask anyone who knows me. I drink like its my fucking job.
So Im fucked up, really fucked up. I meet this girl in the stairwell, THE FUCKING STAIRWELL and we start talking, and then hooking up. We only met three minutes ago. This girl starts to reach for my cock. Now I am getting jerked off in the corner of the stairwell. My boy is walking up the steps and see this all going down. I asked him if I can take the girl back to his room, he said FUCK NO, SHE IS WAY TOO BUSTED.
Once again I am fucked up. So my boy walks upstairs and I leave this girl in the stairwell. Ive got blueballs like a mother fucker. We go to his room to finish off the vodka. I am walking around the dorm room fucked up, and I walk into this girls room who I have never met, and pretend Im an RA. I tell the girl I am fucking around, and just want to drink their shit. After talking to the girl, I asked her to come outside with me. We go outside and start to hook up. I am smooth like that. So now we are hooking up, I am grabbing her ass, and she is sucking my face off; we looked like we were in soft porn. I ask her, Can you suck a good dick? She takes my hand and walks me up stairs to her room. She turns off the lights and takes off my pants. LET ME TELL YOU!!!!! THIS IS ONE THE BEST BLOW JOBS I EVER GOT IN MY FUCKING LIFE!!! THIS SHIT WAS LIKE PORN STAR HEAD. This girl can suck the chrome off of a bumber.
Now if l didnt mention it before, I was fucked up. I am talking dirty to herreally dirty, like hardcore porno shit. Well shes doing her thing, and I see a crack of light come from the door. I see the light get wider and wider. Its my boy on his camera phone recording me saying dirty shit. Eventually, I bust a nut. Best feeling in the world. I needed this bust. I felt like a new man afterwards. I forgot this girls name after all she has done. So I told her to put her info in my phone, and I looked over her shoulder to see what her name was. I said goodnight. I went back to my boys room, smoked a blunt and passed out. Oh by the way the girl was sober and I was hammered. Great head, great fucking head.

Uploaded 10/13/2011
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