EVERY girl is a slut , wants to be a slut , is going to be a slut , will grow up to be a slut, dreams of becoming a slut and/or has slutty dreams . All girls are the same mentally pretty or ugly, fat or skinny ,young or old , we do mischievous things to get our way and we are all BITCHES . All types of sluts use males for 3 things ; freebees, sex/babies , and as an accessory (makes us look better) . Some sluts cry over guys because we lose your genitals and youer wallet we dont give a FUCK about you as a person you AREr all the same .I dont know why but Males worship SLUTS the slutier the better theyresooo stupid they work come home give us there wallet and worship. Sluts dont even have to lift a finger all we have to do is spread the legs its like magic we say jump they say how high. The males think hurray I scored but in reality we just took there wallets and gave them aids someday when sluts from all over the world cum together and join forces we can and we WILLk take over the WORLD hehehe.// Sluts will uses males as sex slaves , each slave will have a collar and a leash the Superior Sluts will have more pet slaves with sex packs , these slaves will fan us with gigantic leaves and feed us, purple grapes while another slave massages our feet and gives us sex. SLUTS RULE. THE END.

Uploaded 12/12/2008
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