Fuckwad Drivers

We all have them, the kinds of drivers that we hate.  Lord knows my list in practically infinite, but here are a few of the types that it takes all of my willpower not to drive them off a cliff.

1.  Tailgaters--Yes, we know, you have a small big dick, you stud, but there is no reason to try to see exactly what kinds of objects I keep hidden up my tailpipe.  The closer you get to my ass, the closer I get to slamming on the brakes, though I'm sure that would be pleasurable for both of us.

2.  Sunday Drivers-- Unless it's Sunday, (even then you're pushing it) you idiots should not be going 15mph under the speed limit.  Chances are, if you keep it up long enough, I will become the bitch No. 1 at the top of my list.  Watch it.

3.  TRUCK drivers-- I think all trucks (semis, oh) should have their own highways.  A good percentage of you drive like assholes and think you own the road because your driving more metal than we are.  Next time a truck cuts me off, almost running me into a guardrail (or off a bridge) I'm going to laser melts your tires.

4.  Texters/Readers/Eaters/Make-up Artists-- The only thing you should be doing while you're driving is, well, driving.  I saw somebody actually painting their fingernails as I passed her one day.  She was weaving from lane to lane.  If you don't have time to do it at home, don't do it.

5.  Out-of-Liners--Driving is like coloring:  Stay within the lines.  If you can't, get off the fucking road.

I know there are more, I'm way too tired to think of any, even though it's only 10pm.

P.S., that is me in my new avatar, be sure to rip me to shreds, you know it turns me on.  Even though you can't really see my face.  Eh, it's all you'd see anyway when I'm at waist level.

P.P.S, NUMB3RS is on, go watch it.

Uploaded 01/09/2009
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