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Yesterday, I wasn't around much.  There were some interesting events taking place here that kept me away from the computer.

First, I got a call from the detective at the sheriff's office asking me to come look at the video from the HEB where my stolen debit card was used to purchase some drugs.  As I suspected, it was Sharon's son.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a clear shot of his face, so the video may not be of much use in court.  To find out whose name was on the prescription he picked up, it will take a subpoena.

Sharon had borrowed my car yesterday, so she wasn't here to get the good news.  She left at 11:30am and was supposed to be back in an hour or so.  About 3pm, I tried calling her cell phone, but she didn't answer.  I called every couple hours after that and sent her text messages, but to no avail.  I called the hospitals and police to see if she had been in an accident, but they couldn't seem to find any record of her.  I was starting to think she took off somewhere with my van never to return.  Finally, about 11:30pm, she arrived with a flat tire on the front and said that she'd had another flat tire on the rear but had repaired it with Fix-A-Flat.  By that time, I was quite angry since I had needed my car to go get another set of guitar strings and a few other things.  (Now I wish I had gone ahead and ordered the strings online.)

I was checking on the net today and it seems that the auto salvage yards in the area don't have sites to list the available parts.  The salvage yards seem to be just inside Houston, so I'm going to have to get someone to drive me out to get a couple wheels so I will have a good wheel on the front and a wheel for a spare.  As far as you have to drive to get anywhere around here, one of those compact spares won't do any good.  You have to be careful with which tire you get.  The last one I bought, even though it was a 15", was shaped in a manner that it locked against the brake rotor when you tightened the lugs.  I guess I'll have to find a tire specifically for a 92 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Today, I am paying for the anger and anxiety.  My muscles and back are aching from the tension I experienced.  I can barely stand or walk and it's pretty painful even to sit.  At least I can say it hasn't been boring, I guess.

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