Funny encounter i had with a celebrity

�I used to work at a card/gift/stationary store in my hometown. It was a rich town, and there was a fair share of promint people who lived on my street. So im sitting behdind the counter... bored. and Chris Rock walks in. Doesnt say hello or anything, just walks to the newspapers buys a time magazine, and a wall street journal (Yea.. real black) and walks to my counter. I asked himhow hes was doing today, and he just sayed"fine". So i figured, he was either in a bad mood, or just an asshole, and i decided to have some fun with him. I had the chance and i took it. i took out a piece of scrap paper, signed my name and gave it to hime. He said" whats this" I told him that he probly is always asked to give autographs, and i thought maube for once he would want someone elses. He looked at me with a death stare. Ripped up the paper, said "Take your autograph and fuck yourself". He stumbled out of the store withot his magazines, while i cracked up. He sped off in his porsche, thinking he won, but what toppped the story was that he gave me a crisp 50 dollar bill before flipping out. Even if money means nothing to him, i pocketed the 50, had a good laugh, and saw the real side of a so calld "Comedian" LET ME SEE THAT OWNED FACE CHRIS HAHAHAHA

p.s. AWFUL JACKASS. do everyone a favor and stop writing gay, allegedly "creative" blogs. K. Thanks



Uploaded 12/09/2008
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