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  • eBaum's World and eReps Rules and FAQ Page Types of Media we look for: Original, Parody, Skits, Pranks, Current Events, etc...Timely and current clips will take precedent over older clips. Please be on the lookout for duplicate media uploads; if its already on the site don't bother uploading it! If you still don't know what we are looking just take a peek at our past Features!! Disclaimer: The eRep Point system is a work in progress. These values may change at anytime at our discretion. eRep Point Structure System Uploads Maximum 25 uploads of all media types per day will be counted toward eRep Points. (You can still upload any amount of content but you won't get upload points after 25) Video 50 pts Audio 50 pts Game 50 pts Gallery 5 pts per image (Max: 50 pts) Blog 50 pts Flash 50 pts eLink 50 pts Joke 10 pts Rant 10 pts Single Picture 10 pts Tournaments Create a Tournament 1 pt Challenge a Friend to a Tournament pt Invite to Tournament 1 pt Join a Tournament 1 pt Winning a Game Tournament 10 pts Others Register a new Account 10 pts Comment on Media 3 pts View a Media 1 pt Rate a Media 1 pt Send to a Friend 25 pt Points are also given when your media reaches different thresholds for views Maximum Points Per Day: 100,000 eReps -eReps Prizes can take up to 8 weeks for processing. - US & Canada orders only. *Failure to comply with any or all rules may result in reduced eRep points, suspension or eradication of account. eRep Levels

I actually feel bad for those fucks who having nothing to do but upload for points all day ......cause now you dont get shit for them after 25 lol ha ha ha ha

Uploaded 08/26/2008
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