Further Proof Ebaum's is Homosexual Central!

As a good looking woman who is attracted to both male and female forms I decided to use thumbnails to entice the weak minded feminine men here to visit my blogs. I used very tasteful shots of lovely women, some scantily clad , but no nudity, I've used thumbnails of transvestites and topless gay males suckling eBaum's symbolic bananas. 

I was some what distraught that a site that harbours some of the most indecent people I have ever known would remove a good looking transvestite but accept a really ugly one I put in it's place. Then of course the thumbnail that has a bunch of queers licking bananas in their shorts is OK, but a vivacious, fully dressed woman is removed? So let me get this straight, no pun intended, pictures of ugly queers, and pictures of young gay men in their underwear is OK, but anything but a head shot of a woman is removed? 

So either the staff here do not like lovely ladies or they feel their audience does not. This type of low life site usually caters to the lowest common denominator of audience, therefore the staff here believe their target market to be male homosexual. 

To further support my premise, why hasn't  WillieNelson's blog entitled "Reaching Out" been removed. It's thumbnail is truly disgusting and homo.

Here is proof that it is not me removing the thumbnails, probably a highly placed gay administrator.As a result in order not to offend those males who do not like looking at beautiful women I will only use ugly images that reflect the ambiance this place wreaks of.

UsedCarMan-1339192596.gifUsedCarManAug 07, 2012 02:48 pmgirl thumbnailsif you continue to use girl thumbnails for non "girl" labeled media, it will me removed or moved to girls section.
Uploaded 08/07/2012
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