fuzzy's Flash fiction


I was banned casted out to an alternate world, for the crimes I have committed, on this desolate planet there was nothing as far as the eye can see, just vast amounts of sands, this was out world, a place where known murders and maniacs were sent to spend the remainder of their lives to die! I heard stories of this place, men killing men, creatures that have been sent here for the amusement of torturing us, as I continued to walk the sand I noticed that I was running out of light and nightfall was quickly approaching , night comes I hear the rumble of thousands running in a hoard, I look up and see thousands of creatures running towards me.


 I was not given anything but the clothes on my back and the boots on my feet, I remove the shoelaces  from my boots, grabbing each end with my hands and pulling tightly, I fasten myself a choker, hell I wasnt going down without a fight, as the first creatures arrived I began to fight them off, choking and ripping off their heads, but all my efforts were in vein, there was simply too many to keep on fighting as my muscles cramp and my punches slowed, I knew I wasnt going to last, I collapse the swarm of creature begin to pin me down, hacking away at my limbs, I see a claw and it slashes my face, then the sun rises, I am left a bloody faceless mess, to dye as I see my last sunrise !

Uploaded 09/30/2011
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