Damn people and their opinions and fuck their ideas also. I hate when people just assume that just because you play video games you are either under 15 or some 30 year old loser living at home with parents. In todays world gamers range from all ages and the like. I am a hardcore gamer and always will be, when i am 80 i will still be playing. My beef is why do people blame everything on video games from violence to lil kids being fat? I know that video games can be bad if that person just sits at home all damn day and does nothing but that  but not all gamers are like that.  i have my own place, a job, and like to go outside and ride for miles but  then somedays i just like to stay indoors and kill people on cod4 or gears. Another thing is gaming as a sport, i think it has reached a point where it can just about be considered a sport. U have professional peopel making tons of money, traveling, sponsers   just like in anyother sport, the only thing is that you are not active like other sports is all that seperates them from athletes( at least in the U.S. , in korea they are worshiped like athletes). I just wanted to get this out here  dont want to bother looking up old blogs to see if anyone posted something like this am sure there might have been but am feeling lazy at the moment and tired.

Uploaded 11/24/2008
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