Gary Johnson Can Change the Format

Here I am in a nursing home visiting someone who needs my attention when I hear a couple chaps talking about politics.  They said they didn't even want to vote in the next election.  Well, of course that makes a lot of sense.
For 1) No Jury Duty
2) Stay away from the crowds and towns
3) No major guilt for voting for someone you hate

These guys had another reason.

"The whole game is rigged. Obama and Mitt are the same folk.  The only difference is that Mitt wants tax cuts for the rich."

Now, a lot of that I agreed with.  The only thing we fight over now is tax cuts for the rich or taxing them which hardly provides what we need to get out of a deficit such as this.  Me being in a nursing home I fought back to speak drinking mocha's with grams and the ladies.
I thought about my friend Erik who is in the DFL as a phone caller (fancying himself as a politician even though the DFL will hold him back because his family doesn't have the cheddar).  He tells me constantly, "I'd vote for the green party if I didn't think it was a waste of a vote." 

Now I usually had figured him to be correct.  If I vote for a third party I almost know they aren't going to win because they aren't on every ballot in every state.

Then Dr. Ron Paul happened.  Now I had just joined the band wagon a couple years ago becomming a delegate this year.  I had seen how this man had run as a third party before and pushed some boundaries (earning 1 of our Electoral Votes against obama and mccain).  <---- That created so much stir that it pushed him into this year.

Now Ron Paul is out of the race for the forseeable future.  However,  another independant, a Libertarian, is in the mix.  That man's name is Gary Johnson.  He has many of the same views as Dr. Paul with a less personel view on abortion and gay mariage still preferring to leave it up to the states to decide.

Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states.  That means he could win every state.

Stick with me here.

If Gary Johnson loses, as he may well do, many people who voted for him for the first time might feel jaded, cheated, or used for some political agenda.  Well, I'm here to tell you not to feel used but to be used.

If Gary Johnson gets ANY Success, if his name even comes up in the tallying process during election day in November, people will recognize this and find out who he is even if they already voted for him.  By simply voting for him, you increase the odds of him winning AND of him being discovered by having enough votes to win over someone's personel time and thoughts (trust me, those districts are really hard to get).

If Gary Johnson wins - Third parties will be taken serriously and there may become a dozen legititmate parties.

If Gary Johnson loses - Either 3rd parties will take a back burner.  OR, if we all continue to fight for our freedom, more people may vote Libertarian next time.  This opens the door to either a stunted Republican party or an additional party that is considered equal.

Now, while I'm still at this Nursing Home, "Glen Oaks", I thought it'd be appropriate to tell these guys how I feel.  They had continued to bad mouth everyone for war mongering and killing innocents.

So, I said, "Did you know the Gary Johnson is for the legalization of Marijuana, ending wars, and lowering your taxes while lowering spending?"

I told them everything I said here...and I think they may vote Libertarian.

Uploaded 09/05/2012
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