Gay Incest

I remember when daddy first took me. How wonderful. What more can a 18 year old boy ask for than his daddy to be the first to break into his man pussy? I have sex with males my own age too, but daddy's the best.

Whenever I saw him nude coming out of the shower, my body goose-bumped from excitement. There was something about daddy that made me want to sleep with him. I started to notice how sexy he looked and waited two years for him to have hot sex with me.

He always told me how pretty I was, but I never knew how to get him in bed with me. He loved my blond hair, blue eyes, and the fact that my weight was average for my height of 6'. I know he also liked my plump package, because sometimes I'd catch him looking at it and I'd fantasize about being naked with him.

One day, I had an idea. I started to buy sexy panties and would show them to him whenever I could. I'd also leave my bedroom door wide open so he could see me getting into them if he walked past my room. Sometimes in my bath robe, I'd drop something on purpose just to bend over so he could view my ass. I always hoped that it would arouse him enough so he made a move, but he never did - until one Saturday morning when I came downstairs for breakfast.

All I had on were my panties. My little cock bounced as I moved around the kitchen. He stared, but didn't mention the fact. We ate and talked about school, and then afterwards as I washed the dishes, he began to squeeze my cheeks gently. His hand felt so nice on my ass, so exciting that I wanted to turn around, unzip his jeans, and give him the best blowjob he ever had.

"Daddy loves your ass, baby. I always did. You going to let daddy fuck you?"

"I've been waiting for you to do that to me, daddy. Let's do it right here, ok?"

He wasn't a time waster for sure. He immediately stripped off my panties, undressed himself and before I knew it, his face was buried in my crack. I can't tell you how good it felt having his wet tongue lick my asshole. It felt so good that my legs started to feel like rubber, especially when he started to suck. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. My man hole was getting wet.

"Suck daddy's cock for a while, baby. It's hot and ready."

I wasn't a time waster either. I got on my knees and took his succulent six-inch cock right in my mouth and eagerly sucked it for him. The taste. Oh, the taste. His fat dick was like pure sugar to me. The best I ever sucked.

"Doing a good job, baby. Keep it up and show daddy how much you love his cock."

I simply loved sucking his dick and swallowed every inch up to his balls. If I only knew that this was going to happen, I would have skipped breakfast altogether. I fed on his cock hungrily, tasting his cock more and more, loving every minute.

"Ahh, honey. That was nice. Get on the floor, baby. Let daddy suck your little penis."

I spread my legs wide and watched him move up between my thighs. Then he licked through my dark brown pubic hair, caressing my testicles with his wet tongue. Then I thought I'd go wild when he gently licked my dick. I could feel my pre-cum getting wetter and wetter. There was no doubt. He was taking good care of my sexual need.

"Did you like the way daddy sucked your cock, baby?"

"Oh daddy. You're the best."

"Time to put daddy's fat cock in your boy hole. Keep your legs spread, honey."

This was the real moment I had been waiting for. He rested on top of me and stuck his fat cock into my hairy shit pincher. I held him close while he humped, taking in every inch he gave me. He gave me cock and I wanted more and more with every thrust.

"Daddy loves your butthole, baby. You give it better than mommy did."

"I'm glad you like it daddy because I absolutely love your cock."

This was a whole lot better than being fucked by a boy. My own daddy fucking me. How exciting. How wonderful it was the entire time.

"Oh baby. Daddy can't hold off any longer. Daddy's going to fuck you hard now and shoot a big load of cum into your hole."

In a flash, he went at it vigorously. I never had my turd holster pounded so hard. He banged and banged. He was spreading my rectum wide as I waited for his thick load of hot love juice to fill my little colon.

"Oh yeah, baby! Yes! Yes! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Shooting my load into you, baby!"

I felt the rush of his hot cum gushing up my snatch. I yelled in ecstasy.

"Oh daddy! Oh geez! You fucked my man cunt so good! Don't take your cock out, daddy! Stay inside of me, daddy! Stay inside of me!

His cock drove me wild as I climaxed. My hands were all over his back until we settled down. We kissed with passion after it was over, but I got more of what I had wanted later that night. I sucked his cock and had my first taste of his warm cum. He's been fucking me ever since and I love every moment of it

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