Gender Equality

According to the 2007 Census Bureau, women make an average of 77 cents per dollar when compared to their male counterparts in the same positions, with equal experience and education.  Many women take this information and point to it in order to argue that women are treated unfairly in modern society, and that the glass ceiling is very much intact despite the “18 million cracks.”  There are countless blogs written by women spread across the internet that voice the woes of their seeming victimization.  However, I’ve also seen a study reported on CNN that approximately 75% of the money spent in the economy is spent by a man for a woman, or by a woman for a woman (I looked for the study online and couldn’t find it.  If anyone comes across it let me know if that number is correct).  Seems unrealistic?  Keep in mind that there are still many traditional couples who are opposed to “going Dutch” on living expenses.  Many live in households where the man pays for the majority of amenities, and the woman bears more responsibilities in the home.  I’m not saying I advocate this life style or denounce it, I’m just stating that this type of home life still exists for some people, and many of those who choose it are content.


Also, socially there is a huge difference in the way women and men interact with each other in our day to day lives.  Some women expect to be compensated with monetary equality to men, yet be treated differently socially.  Why should women and men be considered androgynous when it comes to pay, and then gender is taken into consideration during social interaction?  It seems hypocritical to me.  Another eBaum’s user, Kaustic, posted this in another blog’s comments section and I think it perfectly illustrates my point:


I once saw a guy break a girl's face open and yet do it in a way that he had the support of the whole room. The girl was being a psycho bitch... we all know at least one, so I won't go into any further detail. Anyway, she was up on the equality thing because some guy said she was "only a girl". So she got all in his face saying she would kick his ass, so he egged her on... and when she swung, he ducked her punch, slammed his own fist straight into her gut so hard he lifted her off her feet, and when she doubled over he grabbed her by the hair and smashed her face on a table, breaking her nose. Immediately one of her girlfriends, who was another psycho-bitch who preaches equality, jumped in screaming "What the fuck?!? What the fuck are you doing,asshole?!?" He looked at her and said "What? What am I doing?" to which she replied "Why the fuck did you do that?! That's fucked up!!" and he IMMEDIATELY jumped on that. He pointed at her and yelled "Why?! Tell me why.  Right now, tell me why that’s fucked up.  You KNOW the answer so SAY IT.”  She didn’t.  She knew she was trapped, so she kept her mouth shut.  So he said, “Fine, I’ll say it for you.  It’s fucked up because SHE’S ONLY A GIRL!”  After that he turned back to the girl with the broken nose, “I just treated you the same way I would treat a man. How’s that equality feel?”  and everyone in the room cheered.





I think the point Kaustic and I want to make is that the door swings both ways.  Your feminist rights that you are fighting for end at the exact point where my rights as a male begin.  If you want equality, fair enough.  But do not be surprised when the other shoe drops.

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