Generation Of Idiots

It's widely known that America has some of the most retarded teenagers, but how could you blame them if you take the media and their influence into account. In a country where people still buy the bull shit that the moon landing wasn't a hoax, not a multi billion scam to get government money, the current generation of adults are the ones that grew up watching Looney Tunes and spent their teenage years watching hows like Jackass.

When you think about it, there's a straight relation between Bugs Bunny and all that shit in Jackass. The cartoon characters getting hurt and standing up again, shooting at each other and falling off the cliffs. Does it ring a bell? Yep, the children who watched that shit later turned into the degenerates that went shopping cart jousting or broke their necks while recreating the stupidity the Jackass crew called "stunts." The ones that lived through their teenage years and didn't become permanently injured are the ones you often see acting like total idiots in Youtube clips. You laugh at their fails, but it's not their fault. It's the American society that made them like that.

While Australian television focuses on education and morality, the US media is quite the opposite. Teaching children that it's fun to act like brats, encouraging them to hurt each other or do disgusting things. This is why Australians are much smarter than Americans and don't do as much stupid shit. How often do you see an Australian in those funny fail clips? And how often it's an American or a Russian? That's right, the Australians are being brought up by the media to become the world's bad asses, while Americans are being fed bull shit and propaganda from early age, so that they could easily become a laughing stock.

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