generational feuding?

my kids basketball season started about a month ago, but i have only been able to make it to 3 or so games. saturday was one of the days i could go. my son was playing a team with one of his biggest enemys on it, a kid namedDewaylen. the kid is a physical specimin: fast, strong an athletic dynamo without much effort. in football he was the star of one of the other teams in our organization. my son isn't so athletically gifted, but relies on his no-quit attitude and inability to accept failure. when we scrimmage each other they would BATTLE. Dewaylen was starting tailback and my kid was a starting defensive end/ outside linebacker. Dewaylen is uncoachable and wants to play his way, my son is the polar opposite, very coachable and willing to play anywhere or do anything to win.. saturday was my son's team's first loss. he was pissed cuz it was to Dewaylen's team,and a weaker overall team at that. they talked trash on the court just like on the field and went back and fourth with fouls and physical play. at the end of the game as they were clearing off the court Dewaylen was walking past the bleachers where i was sitting. he knows me and i know he can tell how much his attitude makes me want to strangle him, and that might be why him and my son have such a big rivalry. as he walks by he's looking into the stands and sees me. i catch his eye and we're staring at eachother, and he begins to smile. it isn't a "hey! i know that guy!" smile it's a " i just beat his son's team and did it MY way" smile. little fucker even stuck his nose in the air and puffed his chest out! i told my son next football season there is a bounty on that little fuckers head. this will go on for generations if i have anything to do with it. my son's sons will be fighting with his son's sons. i am part German so we know how to hold a gruge and wipe out the opponent. this dosent end. we will be victorious.

Uploaded 12/21/2008
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