Gentlemen, your opinions

I have a very dear friend who is going through a great deal of crap with her husband- meaning that she's almost to the point of drawing up divorce papers.  She has a major problem with pornography.  She had several incidents in her childhood dealing pornography that have led her to having major problems with it.  Now, her huband knows about this.  He also knows that she is willing (and more than wanting) to have sex whenever.  It's been months since they've had sex.  Yet she keeps finding that he's been downloading porn onto a shared computer.  This is not a one time incident, it's on going.  She's confronted him about it, tried to get him to go to counseling (he's backed out of it repeatedly), tried to reiterated how much what he's doing is hurting her, and she's basically getting down to the last nerve.

Now, gentlemen, if you were a man who's wife (and say she's really a very beautiful woman, with a kick ass body- because my friend truly is) had been traumatized by pornography when she was young, and you knew that it bothered her, BUT she gave you free reign when it came to sex- ie whenever you wanted it, you'd get it- would you still bring pornography into your home, trying to hide it from her knowing full well how much it hurt her?  Or would you suck it up, have as much sex as you could handle from a gorgeous woman, and if you needed to relieve yourself, just fantasize in your own head?


Your opinions are welcome.

Uploaded 08/05/2008
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