Get Eshel5254 laid

Hello everyone!  I'm back.  I thought about a lot of things while I was banned and I realized something about myself.  First of all I want thank all of you for helping me see the light.


I'm GAY!  Yes, after much soul searching, I know it is true in my heart.  I can not deny how I really feel any more.  I am now the new NEW Eshel5254!  LOL


So now I need you guys to help me get my first piece of man ass.  Well it will actually be my second if you count my Dad.  He used to sneak in my room when I was little and touch me where I pee.  LOL


* He must be a "pitcher"

* I want him to be not too big or too small, but just big enough to make my asshole bleed a little.

* I want the double reach around.  He cups my balls with one hand and pulls on my happy stick with the other

* Must love the game tummysticks

* Swallows (because I do too!) LOL

* I like puerto ricans

* I am a rimmer

* Oh, and he must like extra small tiny penises since I have a baby's dick


I am Eshel5254, and I love cock!  :-D

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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