Get Nekojeans Laid Campaign

You know how people get cranky when they dont get laid? Well, theres some certain cat like, uhmm, "person", that comes around this place, that has been specially cranky the past few days. Ill give some hints: cat ears? 16k dollars playing/composing anime songs?? nyaonyaonyaonyaonyao??? yup, our very own nekojeans! 

I mean, "she" just writes to rant, review games and movies, talk shit and e-fight with red...when does she get any pleasure? Maybe "she" gets off by her own means...but is that enough? Probably not. So, I have decided to give "her" a break and help. I will pay the air tickets to whoever will visit and pleasure this feline creature. No strings attached, no tricks. "She" just has to send an address and ill get the person interested some tickets to visit her in...Japan/Australia/???? (help me out a bit neko, where you from?). I e-promise this will be done. 

The ladies here will agree that this is just an effort from my behalf in doing some good in this ebworld. And I can assure you that I will seriously interview any person thats interested in doing this favor, so no creeps or pervs can get trough. Just some person that can break the ice, and dust the dusty areas on neko's...heart. Yeah.
So dont be shy, give this feline a chance, ill be checking the PM's on a regular basis, so lets help Neko out!

Uploaded 04/20/2011
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