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Well, it's been awhile since I blogged. About what...I have no idea.

Yes the "Troll" situation is getting quite old and lame, it isn't entertaining nor worth reading about anymore. Dread said it at best in his blog, so I'll just leave it at that.

 Anyway, since the lovely summer is upon us, I thought to share my taste of summer tunes with you. Whether you're on the beach with a beer or just sitting outside on your patio with your loved one, I feel this will make you feel fine and relaxed. Remember these are summer themed songs, so I hope you enjoy as I do myself.

Summer there no better feeling? I think not.

Van Halen/Hagar- Summer Nights

LOL Well this is Will Smith's only awesome song. Summertime.

And here's the tune/beat he stole it from. Kool and the Gang- Summer Madness.

Here's a curveball, yes it's The Temptations...but it's Bruce Willis singing.

Bruce Springsteen- Girls in their summer clothes. Memories of summer.

 Don Henley- Boys of Summer. A dear favorite of mine, classic 80's and who doesn't love the voice of Don Henley.

Sublime- Summertime (For Hakiku)

I apologize linking so many videos, but I just wanted to get my point across of my summer tunes and how much they mean to me. If you have any recommendations, by all means let me know.
I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July weekend and the Summer for that matter and please enjoy it.

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