Getting Caught, Can be a Good Thing!

Hi eBaumers,
I know you missed me, but I've been real busy with my new career. No, not cleaning houses, but as a Drone pilot specialist. 

It all started when a very high ranking officer caught me using his X-Box when I should have been cleaning. I guess he left the game running and I was curious, because I never saw that game before. Next thing I knew I was taking out stuff in aerial combat, doing loop de loops and bombing wedding parties. The General all the time was watching me without me knowing. He asked me if I enjoyed the game and if I would do it in real life. Of course, that would be the best thing ever!

Well didn't that old kook send me to a testing facility and now I'm a fully pledged trainee. By next year I should be blowing up my very own wedding parties, bar mitzvahs and school houses. Wow wee! Check out my new workplace.

I will miss my daily Easter egg hunts and all the nice rich people I work for, but my new career is more important for my country. It's so cool how Obama's policies will have turned me from being a simple store clerk in a dusty town to a fully trained Drone fighter pilot. Thanks Obama for paving my future to glorious financial success. Oh yeah! And now I'll get the best health care taxpayers can get me.

Love ya all,
Uploaded 02/10/2013
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