getting some why that's so hard aparently

Having seen some back comments on a comment I made earlier today on a blog about guys trying to get laid, I'm left very curious. I already knew males got nervous setting out to talk to girls with the intention of fucking them, even though this never hapened to me. I never really got why, other then that I've never in my life set out to fuck anyone. Not to say it didn't happen. I don't see the idea behind setting out to fuck a perfect stranger. granted, I've only tried to fuck one woman for the last several years, and I'm almost always sucessful, so maybe I don't remeber what it's like anymore. I understand in the sense of thoughts like 'I'd like to bang famke jannsen'. But that's not realistic. I might think that, but I don't feel that way realistically I just think she's attractive. I don't know anything about her, nor do I care. But aparently men often set out to fuck someone they know nothing about, and put actual effort into it. I knew this before in the cheesy story kinda sense, but it never truly hit me before. I don't understand the impulse behind it. it baffles me actually. It's not like I don't love sex, but I love it as an aspect of my relationship with the person. some males seem to love it like it's a bodily function. I think maybe that's why they don't get it. Every girl I have ever told that I didn't care about sex, or didn't like it, has tried to fuck me. Every single one. It was as if they took it as a challange. like they were calling my bullshit. They wanted to prove I care about it. Maybe it made them feel special. I'd say to most men that if you really wanted sex, act like you don't want it, except that I think that you want it for all the wrong reasons. I don't know what the deal is with me, am I just sensative? Have I been married so long I forgot what single guys do? Am I just a decent person in a sea of assholes? I don't know. I'm sure I'm going to be told

Uploaded 08/16/2008
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