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Soooo, it's the day after New Years Eve, and although many started the year off great, i did not. I am a 16 year old girl, and want your honest opinion!

Last night- I snuck out of my house for the first time, through the window none the less, and ended up at a party. I left with my boyfriend of one month, and was having a blast! About a half an hour after arriving at the party, i recieved a phone call. As if in slow motion, i pulled out my cell phone, and saw "mommy". I answered and she begged me to come home. I did come straight home, but not after having my first ciggarette ever. i came home  and was hugged by my mom at first, and than had the longest talk with my parents. I'm good now, but man it was a crazy night.

Today- I got my phone taken away, and called my boyfriend from my house phone.  He told me he needed to tell me something.  Apparantly, he slept with his ex girlfriend two weekends ago, and man do i feel like sh*t.  He swears he loves me, and i dont know what to do.  Just give opinions please, but keep in mind that although i am young, i am more intellegent than one would expect.


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