Now im not a movie critic or someone who would ever think about writing a blog about a movie. I mean wtf am i going to write about. Not much from movies is nearly as funny when they are written about. So i am basicly just here for one simple reason, to tell anyone who has not seen Sex Drive to get off their asses, go to best buy, and buy the dvd now. And im also writing this so that anybody who has seen Sex Drive can leave this comment "Sex Drive is fucking histerical but tizzlewizzle your still a douchebag"

This movie will make your cheeks go numb from smiling and laughing. I promise you will never laugh harder. You will laugh harder then red notes grandmother when they tried to have sex and red note cummed taking his pants off. His grandmother got a kick out of that and told everyone at the nursing home about it. This movie is that fucking funny. I promise you will laugh harder then the doctors who had to surgically remove the gold fish from inside megafails peehole. Although the doctors were disturbed how a goldfish could get into such a small cock to which megfail replied "lots and lots of lube", the doctors still told friends at local bars and card games what happened, creating tons of laughter. But Sex Drive is Funnier then even that. So i recommend to all, go see this fucking movie. Anyone who saw it will tell you, its the funniest movie since the creation of earth.

Uploaded 06/17/2009
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