God Damnit McDonald's!

Ya know, this is unfortunately my third rant about McDonald's target audiences. I think it's bullshit that they feel like they need to single out black people to get them to eat the shit-between-two-buns we've all grown to love and hate. Like a rich grandmother who's a complete bitch but you know she'll pay out well when she dies. 


First there was the biscuits. Good ol' dowm home cookin' striaght from a motherfucking Tyler Perry movie. I worked at McDonalds. Big Momma is not the bitch serving you these "crisp buttery bsicuits just like momma used to make". It's some big tattooed, pierced motherfucker who hasn't washed his hands since playing "puppet show" with his prison bitch six weeks ago. 


Then there was Dwele. I fucking hate Dwele. This dude was a soul singer who died pretty much instantly because he hitched his wagon to a place that makes food that most likely came straight out of Satan's ass.  He was the poster child for the McDonald's "ghetto-lution". Everyone in all of their videos was black or latino. No white people whatsoever. I know most commercials are centric around white people but jesus don't realize it cause it's so common. But to smack you in the face with a "We're now gonna feed the black masses!" campaign is just retarted.


And finally, the unholy of the unholies. McDonald's presents....Gospelfest. I shit you not. I saw it about an hour ago. Different famous tv preachers are all load-ed (sound it out like this low-a-duh) out all in the name of Ronald! Oh wait did I say Ronald? i meant Jesus...yeah...Jesus. Or as they refer to him...JEEEEZUSSSUH!  When will it end? Is McDonald's just going to take over KFC, Popeyes and hold Lil' Wayne hostage until every black person in America does their bidding?


I am thegodlyone and this post is nto racist, just an observation on obvious commercial bullshit

Uploaded 07/26/2010
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