God was testing me.

I cannot speak for other atheist and its not like we are all in some atheist club or all attend some atheist church, for me atheism is important not just because christians are living in fear of evil jealous vengeful god. It is important to wake people up and show that that they have been brainwashed and they are wasting their time and lots of their money on false security. When you control peoples minds with religion you can make them do terrible things. Look at islam. Look at the crusades, look at the dark ages. Religion has been behind most of the wars in history or has helped motivate people to kill each other. I know people who have wasted their life on their knees praying to an imaginary god serving this imaginary god with all the time they had to spend, and god did not bless them, they got cancer, they told me god was testing them. Which is completely ridiculous if you use your brain for a second. This christian god yahweh or jehovah is supposed to be all knowing, in your bible it says he knows your whole life from the time you are in the womb, testing is for humans who don't already know, for god to "test" something is against his "all knowing" nature therefore god has no need to test anything. It is not hard to understand and it is an undeniable fact about your biblical god. He does not test... he already knows. Testing is a human trait not a godly one. So why would god allow evil and make a wager with Satan if he already knows what will happen? Why would god allow Job's family to be killed if he already knew the outcome? Why would got put the tree of knowledge in the garden if he already knew the Lucifer would tempt eve? Why would he ask Cain "Where is your brother?" if he already knew what he would say? The simple answer is that god was created by man, not the other way around, which is why you see such human traits attributed to a god.

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