Good bye Daewoo.

                                Rip my dear Nubiratron.


                Nubiratron is the name of my former mode of transportation.  A 2000 Daewoo Nubira.  I bought the car in January of 2010.  It had 23000 miles on it.  The body was great, and it got better gas mileage than the Dakota I was driving at the time.


                The Nubira was not my car at first.  Even though I owned it straight up, and had only paid 1500$ for it.  It wasnt my Dakota which was nicknamed behemoth.  The Dakota had gotten me girls up at college, and was a running joke between my roommate and I.  He too had a Dakota, but his was taller, and mine had a cap on the bed.


                I tried making the Nubira mine from the beginning.  And it didnt really work.  It was just a replacement.  Then some news came to me.  I was getting a raise at work and a promotion.  I went from 25k a year to almost double that.  All of a sudden I could fix my Dakota and drive it.  But something stopped me.  I felt bad.  The Nubira had worked so hard for me, and how many people can say they still owned a Daewoo?  So I put some money into the Daewoo and fixed it up nice.


                When my girlfriend and I made our move we left my Dakota at my moms place.  The Nubira became a life line though.  I didnt know people in the new town that I moved too.  I was getting cabin fever, and my car was my prescription.  Then I found out a bunch of college friends lived in the local area.  I started to hang out with them, and my car became a topic of conversations.  My friends thought it was awesome that I had a car that was no longer made, or that was buy one get one free in 2004.


                Then one day my girlfriend came home with a present.  A Decepticon magnet.  As soon as I saw it I couldnt help myself.  My Daewoo Nubira was finally my car, and it had gotten its name.  Nubiratron! 


                My friends thought it was funny, but it soon caught on with them.  They were there for my red Chevy s-10 named the cherry, and they used to call my Dakota the behemoth.  So when they started calling the Daewoo Nubiratron I knew I had chosen the perfect name.


                It was Last Tuesday night.  I was driving home when I heard something strange from my engine.  It didnt sound like the motor clunking.  Nor did it sound like a transmission problem.  The check engine light never turned on.  I decided to take it to the mechanic the next day.


                Wednesday.  On my way out of the parking lot to go to the mechanic then engine on my car shut off.  The fuel pump worked, so did the starter.  The mechanic towed it to his shop and checked it out.  A tension pulley had shredded itself which cause the timing belt to pop.  This led to the pistons going to the top of their chambers and bending the valves.  My Nubiratron Died.  I cant afford to replace the engine.  Plus its not worth 3000 dollars, when the car itself is worth only 1200.  Instead I am selling the Nubiratron for scrap and selling my Dakota so I can put a down payment on a new car. 


                For now Im using my girlfriends car while shes on vacation with her family.  If anyone has a suggestion.  Im looking for a smaller car, preferably compact.  Also thank you for reading my blogs!

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