Good Lord, People On This Site Can Be Stupid.

Some of you that have read my "Virtual Hara Kiri" blog know that while in a destructive mood, I deleted all of my media a couple weeks back.  Pretty stupid and silly, but I'm only human.  Anyway, the things I happened to still have saved on my computer I've just reposted.  Before doing so each time, I did a search to make sure I'm not posting media that has been submitted over and over since, by noobs that think they're going to get a PS3 by uploading every viral sensation ever sent to them through mass emails.

Anyway, with one of these things, I didn't bother to do a thorough check.  It was a joke, which is worth about 10 eRep points, so it's basically nothing.  Also, it was about Catholics, and I knew there must be about a million Catholic jokes on this site, and I didn't feel like filing through them all to make sure I don't have a duplicate.  Actually, I thought there was a good chance it had been posted before, but it was obscure enough to not have been posted over a thousand times.  The basic reason I uploaded it is because I have four subscribers, and I thought it was worth posting for them to get a good laugh.  The joke reads as follows:


A bus full of Catholic school girls on a field trip careened off a cliff. There were no survivors, and they all found themselves standing in line at the gates of Heaven. St. Peter addressed the first girl in line.

"Well, Mary, you seem to have a very good record. You'd attended church regularly and were not malicious toward your neighbors. I just have one question. Has any part of you ever come in contact with the male reproductive organ?" St. Peter asked.

"Well, y-yes sir...But only once! And it was just with the tip of my finger!" Mary stammered.

"Very well." St. Peter answered. "Just dip the tip of your finger in that holy water over there, and you may proceed through the gates."

Suddenly, there was a commotion as one of the girls at the end of the line started elbowing her way up to the front.

"What seems to be the problem, Wendy?" St. Peter asked.

Wendy answered, out of breath "If I'm going to have to gargle that stuff, I'm doing it before Caitlin sticks her ass in!"


Anyway, I just deleted it, because after a three or four comments along the lines of "lol" were left, the repost Nazis parachuted in and shouted one after another "HALT! This is a repost, you unoriginal douchebag!  I've seen this joke five times before in this section!"

Honestly, at first I laughed about it.  I did a brief search, and came across one example of the joke having already been posted, but the user didn't pay attention to the length guidelines, and the punchline was cut off, so I posted it again...And did not get away with it.  At first, I explained my reasoning for posting without a thorough search, and one person was appeased.  The rest remained genuinely pissed off.  I wondered how many of these people reacted that way in real life when someone tried to tell them a joke.

"Stop right there!  I've heard this joke like five times before!  You think you'd have the common courtesy to make sure I hadn't heard it before making me listen to it all the way to the end...And I know you didn't make that up, so stop trying to pretend that you did, you thief!"

No shit, Sherlock.  Jokes are a form of lore.

Anyway, you see where I'm going with this.  I was going to just leave it, but the second I got my first complaint in PM form, I scrapped it.  It's too good a joke to let go to waste, so I decided it was worth sharing over here, where a pocket of intelligence exists.  That's not ass kissing, that's just the truth.




P.S. - Happy Father's Day to all the dads :)

Uploaded 06/21/2009
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