Good Morning redux

Good morning all !

I really don't have much to say but I thought  that i would share a few things on this beautiful Sunday morning here in Florida!

My mom is very sick and we are wrestling with the idea of hospice to help her pass with dignity. I took time off from work for the last week to try to care for her at home but my best efforts came to no avail and she had to be re admitted to the hospital. Please some positive thoughts for her.

My dogs at this very moment are in the back yard barking their fool heads off at the squirrels in the oak tree, pondering (in doggie land) the possibilities of one of those bushy tailed ninjas falling into their mouths. I don't think it will happen, but judging by their unflagging enthusiasm and efforts it is possible. Please some positive thoughts for them.

As I stated previously, I was at the parents all weekend and offline. My parents DO have a computer but it is so old that there is not even the ability to connect it to an ethernet cable, and they use dial up. Dad thinks facebook is a magazine and his idea of high entertainment on the computer is bejeweled (which he  downloaded in an astoundingly fast 1 hr 45  mins) all by himself, and don't forget Arena (the Elder Scrolls) which I installed for him about 15 years ago. Please some positive thoughts for their SCREAMING 56k link.

I really cannot stand cheap silverware. You know the kind where the tines of the fork bend if it encounters a piece of gristle in your Ribeye? Really people please spend an extra $3.00 and get some decent silverware.

My birds are raising holy hell wanting to get out of the cage, I guess I could because the dogs are out stalking squirrels, but the little fuckers don't like me and only want to hang around what's her name. (they will allow me to take them out of the cage and transport them to WHN but that is it.

I am kinda excited about the NBA finals even though I am a Celtic fan it is still kinda fun being here in S Florida by osmosis. Please some positive thoughts for the Mavs. ;)

I know this is not a great blog but I did want to send some positive thoughts out there to you all and wish everyone a safe and happy weekend. Please some positive thoughts for yourselves.

I noticed a recent trend here for calling each other by name. I would like to be called Timmy (pronounced in the South Park Fashion).

Well I guess that about covers it. Have a GREAT Sunday!  umm unless it's already Monday  where you are, then have a GREAT  next weekend !

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