Good props for meeting women

What is the best Chick magnet?


A few years ago Maxim magazine did an experiment to see what the best prop was to attract women. They sent an average looking man out with several different things to test one at a time. First they sent him out with a $93,000 Maserati Spyder.

He got more attention from men then he did from the women. Every guy that saw the car wanted to see the engine and take a test drive. NOT good if you want to meet women! However, there was a small percentage of women that wanted to see and drive the car. It is just not the best way to meet women. Although, ladies, if you want to meet men, a fancy car is one of the best props for you!

The second thing he tried was a Tuxedo. No woman was extremely impressed with this! He did get a lot of funny looks and a lot of laughs from it. Someone even made a joke and said, Wheres the funeral?

After that he walked around NYC with a 29 month old baby. Tons of women stopped to check out the kid! However, they thought he was married and moved on after taking a quick look. A baby turned out to be a good ice breaker, but you have to quickly tell the women that the kid is your nephew or a friends kid. Just not your kid!

The next prop he tried was a Ten week old Rottweiler puppy. Almost 100% of all the women stopped dead in their tracks to pet the dog! This guy got several phone numbers form some of the hottest women in New York. One woman commented, Id stop and talk to Jeffrey Dahmer if he had a cute little doggy like this.

Although there was only one woman who saw through the little ploy. She said, I think you bought that puppy just to pick up girls in the park.

The last scheme they tried was a Nine inch long, one lb cucumber in his pants. 80% of the women stopped dead in their tracks! However, 78% of them just turned around and ran in the opposite direction. But the other Two percent really loved it! One woman said, I wouldnt talk to that guy. That is gross! I cant even look at him!

So they found out that you are not cool if you have a huge cucumber in your pants. But the best way to meet women is with a dog.

Now, I know that there are more women who love cats then men, so if you really want to meet women, take your cat for a walk.

Another thing I tried is having the bar tender mix me a drink in the most unusual glass they had. At least 35 women asked me what I was drinking and whats up with the funky glass.

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