So, back in the day, i was about 13 years old, i had a best friend named john who was 15.  We did everthing together and were great friends.  We changed together without feeling wierd and one day we got a little curious.  The day before he moved we were playing football and i tackled him and started to rub my body against his.  It felt good so I kept doing so.  Getting a wierd sensation i rubbed his penis and it felt warm and soft.  He looked up and said nothing but smile and i kept doing so.  His penis became wet and hard and it took out my own and touched it with his.  I then pulled down his pants and rubbed his ass.  It felt nice so i rubbed my dick on his ass crack.  H e looked up and said to do a little bit more so i sniffed it and stuck a finger in it and he gapsed with pleasure.  He then told me to do more so i took my pulsating erect little penis and slid it into is but hole and took it out.  I repeated and it felt amazing.  As he groaned he told me to slow down and i felt a sensation within my own body.  He told me to take it out and he turned me around.  And played with it.  He stuck it in his mouth and rolled his tongue all over it.  It was unexplainable.  A few seconds later it felt amazing as cum spewed from my virgin cock and into hsi mouth where he smiled and told me i was great..........So that was back in 1980 and the other day i ran into him.  Turns out, he turned gay too!!!  I was so happy.  We got together that night ate dinner and went back to his place.  It was the most amazing sex ever just like that one day when we were kids.  AMAZING

Uploaded 08/17/2008
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