Good Vs Evil

If there were no laws, would humans be good, or evil at thier core?

I have been pondering this question now for days and it has me leading in serveral ways.

I believe that if all laws were not set, there was no higher power and no social organizations, that us, humans, would be good nor evil.
See in my eyes, I think basic human instinct would kick in, like animals, and we would fend for ourselves. I mean, cavemen did, did they not? The healthy and strong would stay alive, the weak would die, or fall to the bottom, and the middle class would do what they needed to survive, and keep their families alive. There would be no right or wrong, so people would have to figure everything out themselves. Eventually we would all look out for eachother to get our needs met and to get what we needed to live. Think back to before rules were ever made, before God was ever the issue of belief or not, before there was really anything at all, did they survive? obviously long enough for us to come by.

But then on the other hand.

Yes theres always that debatable part.
That if there was no laws, people would be getting killed, dying becasue they have lack of independance, and it would all become a visious cycle, practically letting the human race die out with nothing left to prove we were ever here.

So it would go both ways.

Many people believe different things, thats your belief, this, somewhat, is mine.

So I leave you with one question

Without social organizations, laws, rules, or a higher power, would we all learn to survive by ourselves or would we dissapear?

Uploaded 09/07/2008
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