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im typing this blog on the new internet browser from google. Google Chrome if you dont know the name.  Ive been using it for the day, and it seems pretty solid, i like it muchhhh more than IE, and maybe better than MozFox. idk yet though, b.c its very differnt and will need some time assimilating too. the overall area to view the web page is bigger, and the  search bar and the adress bar are one, which is calledthe omibox. all the tools and settings on on a drop box on the top right of the screen. marked by a wrench, while all the page settings are right next to it marked by, welll a peice of paper.  b.c its neww not alot of sites' features are compatible with it. please excuse me for anny errors b.c using this i dont have spell check. which is one example of it, but if as many people like it as much as i do, i think microsoft will be in some hot water, and its thrown will be couped by Google.  plus i have stock in google, so that would be nice on a personal note too. the long time king of web browsers i think, is about to take a fall.


hail Google.



*plus, its much faster and IE and MozFox combined


edit- the load times are faster, its one box (the omnibox) instead of a search box and and adress bar.  its veryyyy easy to nafigate around. you can easily import all of your information from your other browsers. it automaticly updates versions, and sends out bug reports, or broken websites. and has its own task manager. but id have to say the best things are the omnibox, the larger veiw screen, and the fast uploads/downloads. much faster than MozFox and EI. the only downside i have encountered so far is there is no visible progress bar to tell you how much of the screen is loaded.


overall id give it an 8 out of 10

Uploaded 09/02/2008
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