Guide to Spam

I find the spam in the ebw blog section fascinating.  Not the content itself, but the minds behind the spamming.

How fucking retarded do you have to be to spam outdoor patio furniture sales, or maid services, here of all places?  I just can't wrap my mind around it.

If they were pushing items that would interest ebaumers, I would understand.  Therefore, for the benefit of you brain dead spammers, I am comprising a list of items / services that people on here WOULD be interested in:

- Concealable weapons.

- Illegal narcotics.

- Vibrating vaginas.

- Bomb making manuals.

- Hydroponics equipment.

- Pornography (the free kind).

- "Hacking for Dummies" literature.

- Video games (the free kind).

- Stain removal services.

- Visine.

- Beer of the month club.

- Lube.

- Hair removal services.

- Basement door locks.

- Leather masks.

- Various restraints.

- Food stamps.

- Card counting literature.

- Spy equipment.

- Super hero costumes.

- Music downloads (the free kind).

- Canes that turn into swords.

- Literature on the "G-Spot".

- Dog Fighting.

- Cock Fighting.

- Fight Club Fighting.

- Girl Fighting.

- Pork rinds (or pork scratchings for those of you in the U.K.)


If you're out there, and I know you are, I hope you're paying attention.  If whatever you're spamming is not listed above, THEN DON'T FUCKING POST IT HERE.



Uploaded 03/31/2010
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