Gun control: A much harder decision than we think

I recently posted this to someone on the IMDB boards because they were saying something pretty silly about Michael Moore. Anyway, here it is and excuse the fact I don't dig deeper, for it was getting pretty long as it was. It's good to know whether you're Democrat or Republican.

I'm not entirely sure if you're joking, but there are quite a few things that are wrong with your statement. 

Firstly, guns don't kill people, people do and with almost 300 million guns in the United States it would be a really bad idea to take guns away from legal owners who are much less likely to kill anyone because gangbangers and other criminals surely won't be giving up their guns. Another thing about the second amendment is that the right to bear arms is mostly to be able to protect ourselves from government tyranny, not other countries and it's supposed to be a reinforcement for keeping our freedom. 

Secondly, it's very black and white, narrow minded or if you want to say naive to make a judgement that you lean on as much as you do because you "once knew a guy with over thirty *guns*" and though a race war is unlikely, if you heard what the black panthers were saying about whites after the Treyvon Martin killing (which was almost exactly what he fears, though he seems obviously paranoid) you wouldn't think it to be so silly. 

Also, if you think the Bush administration was the only political group to lie and do something wrong, think again because politics is a very, very nasty business and all of them will disappoint you if you took the time to do extensive research. Any decent voter, Republican or Democrat will tell you it always boils down to the lesser of two evils. It's very unwise to jump on a bandwagon like the ones Michael Moore uses to herd people like yourself because they (republican or democrat) are using fear, deception and dramatization to scare you, so you will in turn give them money and spread the word because most people in the U.S. like to pretend they think for themselves, but they really don't. 

As far as the second amendment being obsolete, I have to agree in some aspects. But, we need to dig deeper in order to understand the ban of fully automatic weapons. Fully automatic rifles are incredibly expensive and even the biggest of gun nuts either have one or none, frankly because they're expensive to buy by a long shot and expensive to shoot and they're not that fun. So, they're more desirable to criminals and gang members, things like that. So making weapons more difficult for legal owners to obtain isn't going to have nearly the same impact as it will on the criminals, they don't follow the law as it is, they don't register their weapons or anything like that and the government has no way of finding them so, SOL for law abiding citizens. 

Let's also look at another country we're all quite familiar with that Michael Moore didn't mention in Bowling for Columbine:Russia. But first, it's important to understand this; while Michael Moore was spouting off the numbers of people killed by maniacs with guns and comparing them to other countries, he wasn't factoring in population. The number doesn't matter, it's the RATE of people murdered by losers with guns because though the number is still smaller, he had to dramatize it to fool people like you and admittedly me. We'll pull directly from the movie. 

Germany 381 deaths involving guns per year, but the population of Germany is 4x smaller than the US, meaning we have to multiply that number by 4 in order for his statistics to match the US which turns out to be 1,524

So, it's still much smaller than the 11,127 but when you compare the two 

Germany 381 
US 11,127 

Germany 1,524
US 11,127 

Which one is going to look better for the movie? This is a prime example of Michael Moore over hyping and attempting to scare the US population in order to sell tickets and be talked about like he's the best thing to walk the earth. He plays the "I used to be a gun owner and I was in the NRA" and these things are used to bridge gaps of explanation of variables because if I told you I watched Michael Moore's Sicko, F.911 and Bowling for Columbine with wide eyes and attention, that I rooted for Kerry though I wasn't old enough to vote, that I voted for Obama in the 2008 election and that I was entirely anti-bush and republican, free market and capitalism AND that I grew up in a Democrat family and eventually I started writing posts like this, it probably wouldn't sway your opinion much because I'm not trying to scare you and lure you in on a bandwagon with fancy masked moves. 

But here, look at facts. Russia has gun control that would make most republicans hop in their lifted trucks and head to Texas (A surprising democrat population, thought you might want to know maybe to bring up at a cocktail party) and their murder rate is more than twice the United States so what does that tell us? It tells us that there are way more VARIABLES than people like to talk about because it gets complicated. We have a MURDER problem, not a GUN problem. We can take away guns and lower the murder rate, sure, but it's still gonna be pretty high and I thought we aimed to REALLY lower it. 

Chicago and Washington D.C. have the highest murder rates in the country and they have if not the most, than almost the most gun control. They have handgun bans even! Yet their murder rate soars and what does that tell us again? It's not a GUN problem, it's a SOCIETAL problem. Take away the desire to murder and the murder rate would drop more than a fearful American can ever dream of. Now, this is where it gets complicated. 

How do we take away the desire? SOOO MANY VARIABLES MY HEAD IS GONNA EXPLODE! Just kidding :) But seriously, there are so many variables and everyone wants a simple answer, but there isn't one. Parenting; that's a big one. Gun SAFETY, stop being a moron and put your guns in a safe where children can't get a hold of them. If you let your kid get a hold of a gun (Why it's loaded and ready to go as well is beyond me) that's extremely terrible parenting, you have to be a careless, worthless parent in order for that to happen and you should be thrown in jail. The parent should always be accountable for that sort of thing because it is in their power entirely to keep the guns out of hands of their children and/or mentally impaired relative. Gangs; Another big one, we need to help with the gang problem in the US, encourage kids to stay in school school, encourage them to be independent and no dependent on the government and we need to tell all of these kids on a criminal path they ARE worth something and they ARE special, intelligent human beings because all criminals have one thing in common:Severe insecurities about self worth. Let's start there! 

If you REALLY wanna think for yourself, you have to try, because it sure isn't easy but it's far more rewarding.

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