Guns in schools

Back when Clinton was in office, he passed a federal law that says: If you bring a weapon to school, you will be expelled.

Now this is kind of stupid. I have always been bothered by this law. Why? Because, there is a very broad definition for what a weapon can be.

In the law that is on the books now, it says you cant bring a gun, knife, bomb or similar weapon to school. However, the government did not consider the fact that people can kill someone just as easily with a book, pencil, toothbrush, sheet of paper, calculator or a gym bag. You are legally allowed to have any of those things in school.

For example: Someone can hit teacher in the head with a dictionary or stab another student in the eye with a pencil. In prison, they cant have weapons either, but the inmates make a SHANK out of a toothbrush. They just sharpen it up to a point. You dont have to be a former prisoner or Ex-Special Forces to figure these things out.

Some kids have brought rocks to school, slammed someones head into a locker, etc.

Why do kids bring weapons to school to begin with, you may ask. Good question. There are a lot of kids that are associated with the Crips, Bloods and other gangs. Those kids bring guns to school for several reasons: Gang initiations, revenge, defense against a rival gang member, etc. Now, other students feel threatened by the gang members or other students, so they want to defend themselves. Other students know that other kids have a gun so they feel unsafe and just bring a gun because they know someone else has one. They can also sell a gun in school and get a lot of money for it.

So did it do any good for the govt. to pass a law banning guns in school? I say no.

Uploaded 01/30/2009
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