Hacker Troll

HACKER TROLL: One who writes software with the specific goal of trolling people. He develops software on the fly, has a spare server to run his programs designed just for trolling. A good hacker troll can write a program to troll people, then spend little to no time actually at the computer. After launching his software, he occupies his time with something else, like playing PS3. Set, Forget, Troll. A good hacker troll may even lead people into thinking he lives on his computer, 24/7, clicking around aimlessly himself. This is only proof to him that his software is working perfectly. During specific periods, he may even disable his software just to give others a fighting chance, and make them taste victory for a brief moment. This is only to prevent them from giving up because if they give up, the hacker troll loses interest. He feeds on the bitching and moaning, the whining and crying, the butthurt faggotry, the threats and the wild accusations. He knows the software has a limited life span, and when people try to fight against it, he upgrades it or patches it so it stays strong for a brief moment longer before simply scrapping it and moving on to another hacker troll project. In the end, a genius but simple bit of code and very little time invested, is all it took to get numerous fags all worked up.

Uploaded 06/22/2011
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