Hacking... its fun, but when you get caught... yer fucked.

Not too long ago, i decided to pull a little scam at a near by local highschool.  I told a friend of mine named "Marmaduke", to tell all students who are either failing, or not doing so hot in their classes, that i can change all their grades the day before reports were supposed to print.  Anywho, for that to happen i needed the ip address of all the teachers computers, so this had to be done during lunch or when a teacher leaves the classroom.  The process of getting the teachers ip address takes less than 20 seconds, its simple.  first, click start then, programs, then command prompt.  Once you're in command prompt all you have to do is type "ipconfig" then press enter.  It will list a couple of portal address, but all you really need is the ip address, for the program i was using(sub7).  Anyways,  as you can imagine this is a big task and requires alot of people.  I only told my name to one person my friend "Marmaduke" so that i remain unanimous.  after about a week of marmaduke sneaking around and stealing ip addresses and listing the classes of all the people that needed their grades changed, it was my turn.  I charged everyone $50 per class grade change.  So, if you count up all the people that needed help which was around 47... i made around $6750 which is pretty goddamn good for a mere hour worth of work.  Obiviously, i can't use my home computer which is the number one rule, if you wanna fuck with someone via hacking software.. so, i decided to use my local library. It was a public place and it is full of old people either sitting down reading a newspaper or staring at book shelves pretending they're going to take a book then just keep looking for another... For all they knew i was a nerdy college grad doing his thesis.  After i logged into the library computer, i proceeded to my dirty work and started changing everybodys grades.. After i was done with everything i cleared all history deleted the hacking software(sub7), collected all my things and walked out, pulling off a perfect crime.. (little did i know).  The next day all the report cards came out and everybody was pretty satisfied with their grades.  Marmaduke went on to collect my earnings and gave him a 30% percent cut for all his hard work.  Then one horrible fucking day a letter was sent to a students parents saying he was failing all his classes... but his report cards say, yeah you guessed it,  B-,A,C+, etc..  I didn't give everybody A's because its pretty fucking obivious that someone changed the grades.. i'd bump everyone a letter maybe two letter grades.  Anyways, that students parents came to the school and snooped around and talked to the teachers, and what you know. Teachers also had hard copies of the grades.. so.. a full on investigation insued and guess what? a rat arrouse and ratted out marmaduke.. under the pressure of being expelled.. marmaduke then proceeded to fuck me in the ass and rat me out as well... i was given a 3 month prison term... apparently, this is a light sentence and oh did i mention i had to pay 10 grand in legal fees my shitty fuck of a lawyer.

-so to all you hackers out there TRUST ONLY YOURSELF, cause when shit hits the fan... it will fly EVERYWHERE!

I got out of prison three days ago and i've been on a drinking binge.. PARTY ON.

again fuck you marmaduke (his name is not really marmaduke, im not rat unlike his sorry ass)


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