Happy Cat is a Well-Fed Cat

Being a cat lover doesn't only mean having a cat. You should care about its needs. Your furry friend may seem happy and playful, but suddenly his attitude might change and you don't know why. You might be surprised to learn that it might have something to do with his diet. "But I feed Marbles with the same shit for years!" That's the thing. The furry creature eats the same thing. An you probably shouldn't feed him shit, either. 

Did you know that if you fed your cat only with tuna, it would go blind? It's a fact. Look it up. The same goes with all those protein filled canned food you pay so much for. he might seem to be enjoying it, but does it mean you shouldn't give him fresh liver? Or cook a mouse for him? Cats love mice.

About cats going out. There's two types of cat owners - the ones that keep their pets inside the house and ones that let them go out at night. If your cat is a slut, it might get pregnant very fast and even catch AIDS during the night trips, but it's still not wise to keep your cat inside the house 24/7. Perhaps you don't know what the cat needs and it will prostitute itself to the fat cats for the trout it was so longing for (and how else would you know? Cat's don't know how the fish is called in human language).


You also need to remember to leave a lot of water in its bowl for when your kitty comes back. Not milk. Milk gives cats diarrhea.

Uploaded 05/21/2012
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