Happy Days are here again!

The lawmakers here in Florida have adopted groundbreaking legislation that will resound through the halls of justice throughout history. In an enlightened move , they have finally seen the light! What have they done? They have finally repealed the  discriminatory and "Big Brotherish" legislation enacted about one and a half years ago that banned the practice of dwarf tossing.

"The state law now prohibits any activity involving "exploitation endangering the health, safety and welfare of any person with dwarfism." 

The law allows the state to fine violators up to $1,000 and suspend or revoke their liquor license

Fox News

Life as we know it will now forever be changed! Not since the Volstead act has a piece of legislation been so unpopular and completely unenforceable. The only thing this legislation did is make criminals out of honest law abiding folks who just wanted to enjoy the comraderie of their friends and co-workers and to hoist the odd dwarf or two. A long and storied pastime that has roots going back to the earliest days of antiquity! (I believe there were dwarf tossing hieroglyphs found on the pyramids.

Why the sudden change of heart? I can only guess that the costs of enforcing the ban and the negative feelings it fostered with the dwarf tossing public were too overwhelming, especially as this is an upcoming election year!

Who do we have to thank for this change of heart and release from the furtive lurking in "dwarfeasys" and clandestine "tossing clubs"? Why it is State Rep Ritch Workman a Republican, who  feels that it is time that FL drop it's Big Brother attitude and allow little people an opportunity to make a living in a time honored and traditional fashion. Workman  even went on to say that the repeal of this act could actually help the jobless rate here in FL which is 1.6 % higher than the national average!
Mr Workman my hat is off to  you! I am not traditionally a Republican supporter but with progressive, out of the box thinking like this I feel that my state's and dare I say my country's problems are rapidly on their way to being solved. I only wish that all legislators, whether local, state, or national would look to Ritch Workman and maybe start thinking like he does! We need more men like him!

Free at last! 


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