Happy thankgiving e-baum users

   hey i just half to say that this year that I'm thankfull for the powers invested in me by the board of douche bags to make some type of jackass comment on every video posted here on e-baums. it is only possible that i'm able to type this blog with e-baums staff providing this free sight that capitalizes on 1 to 5 minute crap that gives me nightmares every time i sleep. the users who either have really inept comments or focus on spelling and grammer usage as a rubetle on the conntent that someone has just type that makes this the best thanksgiving ever. the fact that there's english majors on this sight that are able to find every aspect of my bad grammer usage and spelling is without a doubt better than a homeless guy jerking off. e-baums must really half to slash other budget cost to employ such people that help ensure that no blog or comment is mispelled. one might ask the question " why does e-baums feels the need to employ under writers to inspect and make sure that the quality of the english language and dialect is upheld?" why do you ask? the answer is simple, just because your watching a video of a guy that is getting his hand mauled of in a meat grider in hopes that he might be able to compete in the next handicapped olympics doesn't give you the right to mispell your words. i mean if you make the comment " who gives a fuck if he got his hand in a meet grinder, meet is meet!! you can ask any asian and the will tell you the same." the fact that meet is spelled wrong in this comment is totally wrong the comment. the comment would have been much better if the comment was spelled right. it should have look like this " who gives a fuck if he got his hand in a meat grinder, meat is meat!! you can ask any asian and he will tell you the same." this is why i love this sight, the fact that e-baums has employed so many english majors to correct statements like these and make mine and your expierence on e-baums world that much more enjoyable is truly a gift. i mean who  else is going to employ someone with a english degree, certanily not the playboy mansion.

 I'm also thankfull for the douche bags who state the obvious or the simple one word comment. Its in my experience that if you go through the steps to make a user account and login to explain the video i just watch or cheer out a one worded comment, is like having the guy sit behind you, wether it be a movie or a sporting event, trying to explain his own thoughts out loud. at some point of time these mutants have had someone tell them that every one in society needs to know and share a immediate recap of an event that you both just witnessed. this perplexing stage of events leads one to say to themselves "does this idiot know that I fucking just viewed or heard what took place and your fucking girlfriend is flitterting with me and I'll be banging her later in the nearest restroom?"  so you ask how in the hell could you bang out my girlfriend while I'm proffesing my thoughts to everyone who's around me? the answer is simple, an example would go something like this: dogface with hot chick would say " hey the fucking titans are winning again, fuck i just lost $200 bucks" dogface chick looks over rolling her eyes, I say "man dogface I feel your pain how about I buy you a shot?" dogface " really? your the fucking man dude, I'll take wild turkey!!" I say to dogfaces women "well while he's ignoring you, and just used his rent money again on the bar tab and rent, lets go talk outside" chick replys "lets just go fuck". usually it is that simple maybe with a little more conversation but you get the point. So why does this example imply to to dumb ass comment statements? it's the same principal while your sitting at the com or making obvious statements other people are getting laid at your dumbass ass expense, either your signficant other or simply your mom, hell maybe even your dog or sister if you live in west virginia.

 So what's the point of all this? there's no point I'm getting laid and your worried about some stupid comment or typing error. Either way your not getting laid and still wondering why my life is so bad that even though i watch reality t.v and think that if i have some pithy comeback pussy will be knocking at my door. I'm thankfull that dumbasses with know thought and that spell check replaces your mutant so called life. thank you and thank god for e-baums world. happy thanks giving because i'll be fucking the turkey and eating it at the same time.

Uploaded 11/27/2008
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