Well, CarGirl was no help. Instead of telling us what makes a person hardcore, she insisted that I was telling a one-sided story and twisting her words (btw, I edited the full convo into the original blog for anyone who wants to see how full of shit she is... not that it wasn't obvious to begin with). I'd really like to think that it's not because she doesn't know the answer, because after all, if you tell people they fail at being hardcore when you yourself don't know what being hardcore means, then that would make you... well, a total moron. That can't be it. Surely CarGirl has some other reason for hiding from the question.


BUT, my curiosity has been piqued, and since CarGirl turned out to be... less than the genius I had thought her to be... I turn instead to the rest of the EBW community. So I'm throwing the same question I asked CarGirl out to all of you, in hopes that I might actually get an answer this time: What exactly makes a person "hardcore"? What are the qualities and characteristics that define a person as being "hardcore"?


BTW, here's a link to the original blog if any of you want to use it as a reference. I know some people attempted to answer the question there before CarGirl showed up and started doing everything in her power to change the subject.

Uploaded 10/06/2008
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