Harry pothead, part 2.

His room wreaked of beer cans, as the scent of hash floated through the air. Harry heard someone knocking on the door, it was hermione. He had less than half of a mind to answer the door for her, but he did anyways. Harry knew that he would have to endure a long discussion, but after all he did deserve it after that incident. before he opened the door he went into his wardrobe and poured himself a cold glass of jack. he unlocked the door and invited hermione in. For a moment harry's mind turned into a racetrack as thoughts shot through his head. What was she going to bitch about now abortion, adoption? After the alcohol set in harry began to drift in and out, he didnt care what she said he just wanted her to shut the hell up! Than harry heard some thing that immediately sober'd him up. " I was just wondering that maybe we coul hang out some time? " said hermione. Than all of harries thoughts stopped he stood up and walked to his drawer. " harry what are you doing? " hermione said nervously. Harry pulled out his 38 caliber and blasted her bitch ass to neverland! After he sparked a fatty harry and his home boys went downtown to sip some koolaid and grind up on some hoes.

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