Has modern Man grown numb?

TV's everywhere. Usually on sale. High definition. Big screen. Commonly called the "boob tube."

Lyrics to "Good People," a Jack Johnson song: Turn on the boob tube. I'm in the mood to obey.

Not in the mood to watch TV? Well you can go on the Internet and watch free porn -- high-res. photos or streaming video. All kinds: blonde, ebony, group, BBW, the list goes on and on. Tons of variety.

Not horny? Well maybe you're hungry. There's a ton of places for you to gorge and chomp, plunder and chew. Fast food restaurants everywhere -- likely a few blocks away from where you live.

All these goodies. So cheap and easy. Fast, too.

Some people can't handle all these goodies. Obesity often results. In fact, it's kinda an epidemic.

My point is this: stimulation, lots of easy, fast, cheap stimulation.

The whole system we live in is very effective and efficient at delivering goodies.

Gratification too. (Cigarettes = instant gratification)

Don't forget about alcohol. Have a drink. Have two. Have another, and another. Just one more. Get drunk.

Pleasure everywhere. It's so darn easy, isn't it?

We live in a system that makes cheap, quick pleasures unavoidable.

It never stops or ceases. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger, expanding to the point where we have become completely numb. Disconnected with our essence, our being. Lost in this system. Desensitized.

But there's still hope, a chance, a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Go camping or to the park (a nature walk). Something off the grid. Breath fresh, crisp air in the early morning. Live life. Enjoy existence. Enjoy being a free man or woman.

I quit college to pursue a career as a boxer. I'm young. This kind of special opportunity presents itself only once in life.

Well, life, here goes nothing.
Uploaded 05/01/2012
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