Has the CIA Lost it's Sense of Direction?

It all started when I heard a commercial inviting people to apply to the CIA for "Clandestine Services Officer". I found it strange that the CIA was using public media to recruit for clandestine personnel, perhaps because they say they are an equal opportunity employer they have some legal obligation to make it public?

It is odd that the US government has made a big story, that they have captured 10 Russian spies as though this is some new remarkable incident, all the while publicly advertising for spies in their own secret agency. Clandestine operation by definition are operations that go undetected as though they never happened.

I went to the site, the advert directed would be spys go to,, clicked on careers and there it was job postings for Clandestine Services. You can view the job requirements, the type of person they want for each position, education requirements, preferred age etc. Complete dossier of the CIA spy available for the whole world to see. You can even apply for them on line. You might want to install umpteen firewalls in your comp before you do, to avoid detection by the commies.

But the hilarity does not end there. There are kid pages for those who would like to know more about the CIA. The kid section is divided into K-5th grade and 6th - 12th grade. There is a link for teachers and parents and a K-9 page where you can "meet the  K-9's" There you can meet Arno, Bonja and Boris and all the dogs that keep your country safe at night.

Of course, it doesn't stop there! What spy agency would be complete without a games section for all the kiddies to learn basic spy technique's. That's right folks the CIA has entered the computer game era, with Puzzles, Word Find, Break the Code, World Exploration, Aerial Analysis Challenge,  and Photo Analysis Challenge. True to my name I indulged in a little Hangman while I was there. I know I am not an American and I don't pay taxes there, but how could I resist?

Last but not least there I saw a link to the history of the CIA. It must be the greatest example of concise writing ever created. There in less than 300 words the entire history of the CIA. C'est Magnifique!

My body feels like rolling on the floor laughing, my head like crying!

Uploaded 07/04/2010
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