have you ever felt like you were being watched?

At first i thought it was just me being paranoid because of all the pot i was smoking, but i stopped smoking pot and i still have the feeling like someone is always behind me. I know that there are cameras everywhere now for "public saftey reasons", but it's more than that. it seems like everytime i go anywhere at night the same headlight are following me. or i'll be in my house just watching TV and it seems like someone is watching me. then it occured to me that my life might just be one huge fucked up show like the truman show and everyone around me are just actors playing a role.if i'm a star of my very own reality show, I would want to see some profit off it. if i found out that my whole life was staged i'd be forced to break someones knee caps then strap them to a tredmill and put on run.

does anyone ever feel like that? and how can you post pictures in your blogs? mine won't let me do it






i think i spelled tredmill wrong

Uploaded 10/03/2008
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